A London Hotel is offering Harry Potter themed rooms to Muggles

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Ever wanted to spend a night at Hogwarts' boarding rooms? Well now a hotel in the Wizarding capital of the World is offering some Harry Potter-themed rooms to give us Muggles the familiar feeling of JK Rowling's fantastical world.

The Georgian House has started offering the themed rooms thanks to the growing Harry Potter tourism industry in the Capital - especially since Warner Bros.' Studio Tour opened to the public two years ago - as well as to offer something a bit different for families visiting the Capital with younger kids. The rooms themselves come decked in all sorts of Wizarding decorations like potion bottles and spell books, as well as poster beds bearing the Heraldry of Hogwarts' four school houses.


The Potter-mania doesn't stop there, as the Hotel also offers a bundle for staying in the room that includes tickets for a Muggles' guide to London, a walking tour to some of the City's locations used for filming the movies, as well as a pricier package that includes tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour as well, which departs from just outside the Hotel itself on a Potterified Tour bus.

Get ready to Accio yourself some cash (just make sure there's no anti-theft charms on it) if you want in on all this Wizarding goodness the next time you're in London though - a single night in the hotel for two people sets you back £250, while a night for two as well as tickets for the Studio Tour sets you back £363.


Not bad for London, but it might be cheaper if you just went and watched all the movies again for your Potter fix.


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