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A Lot of People Thought Oprah Was Whitney Houston on Facebook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Whitney Houston, the diva of divas, passed away yesterday at the too young age of 48. It's a depressing end to her story of galaxy bending talent, sun magnifying limelight and cursed frailty. Anyone who has ever heard Whitney in her prime will always remember the singular power of her voice. I mean, we all have our own 'oh damn' Whitney-moment we hold dear, right? Not these losers. These uncultured dummies mistook Oprah for Whitney Houston when they posted their RIP messages on Facebook.


Seriously. The idiocy of the capital-I Internet never ceases to surprise me. It's Oprah for god sakes! It's Whitney Houston! Oprah might be the most recognizable women on this planet. Whitney Houston has the most dynamic voice in this universe. Do you know the sky is blue? AGHHHH. Screw people.

That's it. I'm requiring everyone who made this disgustingly foolish mistake to read a biography about Oprah while listening to Whitney Houston's greatest hits. I still won't forgive you but please, next time follow this advice: do a quick Google Images search before you post any picture messages to Facebook. We all know you probably meant no harm but making these mistakes showcase your complete ignorance more than it shows any sort of compassion for giving well wishes.


There are seriously multiple Facebook posts just like this one.



Which freaked out some people.


And confused the hell out of others.

Rest in paradise, Whitney. [BuzzFeed]