A Lovely Book-Shaped Shelf With a Terribly Awkward Name

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It's surprising to think that no one's thought to create a bookshelf sculpted with the same form and curves as a book left sitting open on a desk. But it's even more surprising what the creators of this bookshelf decided to name it.

The Shelf-book? Nope. The Paper-rack? Nuh-uh. Cassina did decide to stick with a play-on-words, but unfortunately chose to name this piece the Pagina. We kid you not. Made from maple wood with a lacquered exterior, the shelf is available in three different colors and is completely adjustable for storing things other than books. And as long as you can avoid the awkward situation when someone asks you what it's called, it would probably make a lovely addition to your living room, library, or sex education classroom.


[Cassina via Dornob]