A Man Caught in an Exploding Toilet Baffles Military Leaders

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What the hell? A Royal Australian Air Force man suffered severe burns yesterday after he was caught in a porta-potty explosion. And no one seems to be sure why it happened. I smell a conspiracy.


The "military incident" took place at Rockhampton Airport during a US-led military exercise. Apparently the man decided to light up while on the toilet when things went all explode-y around him. And whether or not it was just an accident or, say, a case of booby (poopy?) trapping isn't clear, despite an ongoing investigation. What is certain is that the MythBusters should be on the case. According to Fox:

There has been speculation that methane build-up in a portable toilet could cause it to explode — however that theory was not proved when tested by TV science show "Mythbusters."


My faith in military science is reaffirmed. Okay then. In that case, I want Horatio Caine brought in. This is good TV. [My Fox DC via Rosa, Image Credit: Johnny Habell/Shutterstock]

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Damn. That's one shitty way to go down.