A Map of the Closest Pizza Place to Anywhere in the United States

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It's the question you likely ask yourself every weekend around 1:42 on Saturday morning: How long will it take for a pizza to reach my mouth? And, more importantly, who's delivering it? Now you know.

This excellent map shows the closest pizza chain within a 10-mile radius for every American. Now you'll not only know which pizzeria is most prevalent in your region—always valuable information—you can also get a sense of who'll deliver the quickest.


Not surprisingly, Pizza Hut and Domino's dominate the country (which gives new meaning to "red" and "blue" states), but once we slice the data by chain, we can also see some regional differences. The Godfather's Belt arcs through the upper Midwest, Sbarro is mostly an East Coast thing and Papa Murphy's take-and-bake is big in the Pacific Northwest (Maybe hot pizza is harder to deliver in the rain?). Michigan is so Little Caesar'ed it's almost glowing orange. Note also the smattering of purple dots where Chuck E. Cheese's is the dominant pizzeria in the area, which must signify the most fun-loving towns in America.


Of course, the most devastating thing to learn about from these maps is the existence of pizza deserts: places where there is NO PIZZA within a 10-mile radius. Large parts of Nevada, eastern Oregon, Idaho and Utah are P'Zone-free Zones—not terribly surprising when you look at the population density in those areas, but still, you have to wonder what these people could possibly be eating during football games. [Flowing Data via PopSci]