Illustration for article titled A Mil-Spec, Everything-Proof iPhone Case With a Freakishly Slim Figure

At first glance, the LifeProof iPhone case just looks like a no-frills scratchguard for your do-everything lifeline. What you don't realize is that it is mil-spec rated—meaning it is water-, dust-, snow-, and shock-proof. Most cases that carry out similar functions are considerably more bulky than this one appears to be.


The case will survive six-foot drops and can be submerged under six feet of water. As proof of the LifeProof's ability, they took it out for a day on the beach.

That said, no photo shows the backside of the case, but they say the case only adds 1/16" of thickness to the phone. The LifeProof case is available now for $70. [ThePhoneGuru]

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