A Modern Knifemaker's Badass Take on an Ancient Samurai Dagger

Modern knives have something distinctly badass about them. Maybe it’s the materials. Maybe its the sleek ergonomic handles. But they also seem to be missing the sense of personality and specialness apparent in the work of ancient Japanese bladesmiths.


That’s why knifemaker Walter Sorrells decided to make a tanto—a type of short dagger—whose handle has all the qualities of a modern convenience, but whose blade was forged with some techniques borrowed from samurai-era Japan.

His two-part video explains the build from start to finish, and he drops some helpful tips for the amateur knifemakers in the audience. The finished blade is a one-of-a-kind piece fit for the guy who commissioned it: jiujitsu master and UFC coach John Danaher.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Low Information Boater

There should be a different word besides knifemaking for stock removal with a belt sander. It's like guys who bolt together a partscaster and call themselves a luthier.