A Multi-User Touchscreen That Keeps Track Of Who Is Who

It's not the first attempt at adding multi-user tracking to large format touchscreens, but Gunze's use of electrodes around the edge of the display looks like it could be more accurate than recording each user's shoe preference.


Distinguishing multiple users isn't always necessary on a product like Microsoft's Surface, but when it comes to multiplayer gaming, being able to automatically keep track of individual scores, or bets, is a must. So this prototype touch panel adds four electrodes that have to be continuously pressed before a user's on-screen actions will be recognized.

Touching the electrode and the screen at the same time closes an electrical circuit which is how the system is able to distinguish where the four individuals have interacted with the panel. And while the fact that the electrode has to be touched before input is even acknowledged certainly helps eliminate errors, with one hand occupied it will also hinder how a user can interact with the on-screen UI. So I'm hesitant to call it the perfect solution to this problem just yet. [Tech-On! via Ubergizmo]

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