A Musical Thank You Note to the Racists, Misogynists, and Scumbags of the Internet

The garbage dump of internet commenting can destroy your faith in humanity real fast, but really, the trolls are just trying to be helpful! Here is a thank you card to all the haters.


Yes, constructive criticism is for pansies, and Thank You Hater! by Clever Pie extends a warm appreciation for telling it like it is. Or like a warped, racist, misogynist perspective makes somebody think it is.

The best part features a host of web users personally thanking commenters for their incredibly helpful words. Can't wait to read the comments. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]

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Right on, but they did miss the single most important thing that trolls accomplish and deserve gratitude for.

Maximizing fresh page views for bloggers that use trollbait and flamebait. You guys should record a verse that corrects this oversight. I think there may be a few people at Gawker HQ who if they are really honest could admit they owe quite a bit of their success to trolls.