A New Hope's Trench Run sounds pretty good with Star Trek's soundtrack

Ah, Trek vs. Wars, the timeless debate that has seen Bat'leths lock with lightsabers, the USS Enterprise pitted against the Executor. But what happens when you take the climactic Trench Run sequence from Star Wars and pair it with the soundtrack from the climax of JJ. Abram's first Star Trek movie?

As you can see in this mashup video by editor and artist Ronen V, it surprisingly kind of works. Michael Giacchino's stirring soundtrack goes well with the bombing run on the Death Star - and the triumphant flourish that announces the Enterprise's all-phasers-blazing entrance to save Spock's ship from the Nerada is just as suitable for the Millennium Falcon's arrival to save Luke from Vader's lock on.


No matter how well it goes though, there is something a little brain-warping about trying to reconcile Star Trek music in your head when you're watching scenes from Star Wars.

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