A New NES Game Lets You Safely Play Russian Roulette Using the Duck Hunt Zapper

What started as an entry for last year’s Fantastic Fest is now inching closer to being a real NES game you can buy because Andrew Reitano and Mike Dooley’s Super Russian Roulette, which allows you to safely play the world’s most dangerous game, is now on Kickstarter.

The game trades the original’s loaded revolver for the NES’s classic Zapper accessory so there’s no risk of any player not actually walking away from the table afterwards. Losing is simulated through the actual game, which features a talking cowboy taunting each player before they take their turn and pull the trigger. If it’s a misfire, a simple “CLICK” appears on screen so they know they get to play again next round. But when they lose, a sombre skull appears signifying their simulated fate.

Players will need to supply both a working Nintendo NES and the console’s original Zapper accessory in order to play Super Russian Roulette, but the actual game cartridge can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter now, with delivery expected in February of next year, for $55. It probably also goes without saying that this is not an officially licensed Nintendo title, so don’t go reaching out to them expecting support if something doesn’t work right.


[Kickstarter - Super Russian Roulette via Technabob]

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