A new Roleplaying Game that puts you and your friends in the Apocalypse

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Fantasy Flight Games have revealed a new tabletop RPG out before the end of the year set in a variety of apocalyptic scenarios - but the twist is that it stars you.

The End Of The World lets players create personas based on physical, mental and social attributes - as well as personality strengths and flaws - to make as 'realistic' a character as you can before placing you in one of a variety of world-ending apocalyptic scenarios: from Zombie outbreaks to Old God horrors, Alien Invasions and robot uprisings. The same sort of approach is taken to the gear your characters start off with during their adventure (as much as we'd all like to, not everyone's going to find themselves fully prepared kitted out with every weapon and survival tool under the sun in an apocalypse). You might start off with access to a gun, or you might have to fend off hordes of enemies with a Kitchen knife. You could have nothing but your wits about you - and the will to not get yourself killed, of course.

Each 'genre' of apocalypse in the series will come with a selection of scenarios based on a theme to give players a variety of campaign settings as well, but what is most interesting is each scenario will go beyond the occurrence of the apocalypse itself into the post-apocalypse, tasking players to not just survive whatever world-ending malady they've found themselves in, but to navigate what's left of the world in the wake of it. It basically sounds like The Last of Us: The Tabletop RPG, except none of us are probably as cool as either Joel or Ellie.


The first book in the series, which contains campaign settings and rules for Zombie Apocalypses, is due out in Q4 2014 and set to cost around $40, with the rest of the settings - Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion and Revolt of the Machines - due out after.


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