A Next Generation actor wants a part in the next Star Trek movie. Plus tons more Torchwood and Warehouse 13 spoilers!

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John Noble thinks he knows how many seasons Fringe has left. Game of Thrones casts one of season two's (literally) biggest roles. Michael Bay responds to the Jason Statham Transformers 4 rumors. Plus some new Man of Steel set photos!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Captain America.

Man of Steel

Tipster Blake sent us these these set photos from Plano, Illinois, which is doubling for Smallville in the movie. Judging by the state of these buildings, Clark Kent's sleepy hometown might be seeing its share of collateral damage. Check out more on Blake's Flickr.

Captain America

Here are some more photos. [ComingSoon.net]

Star Trek 2

Brent Spiner is half-jokingly campaigning for a role in the sequel as a member of the extended Soong family, of which he has already played two members (five, if you count the androids as family members too):

I am thinking more about the next Star Trek movie and more about who can I be in it. I did this character Arik Soong [on Star Trek Enterprise], not to be confused with Dr. Soong on the [TNG], this was his predecessor. And I would like to start a campaign, maybe right here tonight, its called BBS – Bring Back Soong. And I want you to flood JJ Abrams offices with that: BBS, Bring Back Soong.


Transformers 4

Michael Bay has personally squashed the Jason Statham rumors, saying a fourth film isn't even being considered at the moment, so by extension no actors are being looked at. I think I'm going to still dare to dream on this particular rumor, though - some things are just too beautifully insane not to come true. [TFW2005]


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Here are some more promo images. [ComingSoon.net]

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Limitless director Neil Burger has reportedly taken over the video game adaptation recently vacated by David O. Russell, which means it's pretty much an inevitability that Limitless star Bradley Cooper will now be rumored for the lead role. [Variety]



Despite The Wolfman's failure, Universal is pushing ahead with another werewolf picture, this time simply called Werewolf. And to show that they mean business this time around, they got Louis Morneau - the auteur behind such classics as Carnosaur 2 and Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead - to direct. I can practically smell the Oscars. [Fangoria]


Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here are some teasers for the first episode:

- Lots of characters meet for the first time, including more than one that are related.
- Only humans are affected by "the miracle."
- After a wild night, Jack and Esther discover they have matching "body art" on their chests.
- Someone betrays Torchwood. It's genuinely surprising and heartbreaking.
- The episode runs exactly 49 minutes, 42 seconds, plus 1 minute, six seconds of closing credits, plus a 1 minute, 15 second montage of clips from upcoming episodes, for a total run time of 52 minutes, three seconds.


You can read the rest at the link. [Doctor Who TV]

The BBC has released this press release for episode three, including some of its guest stars:

Torchwood goes on the run – and finds a new enemy. But as they launch a raid on PhiCorp headquarters, Jack must confront the mysterious Oswald Danes. Episode three includes guest stars Wayne Knight (Jurassic Park, Seinfeld), Dillon Casey (The Vampire Diaries) and Richard Gilliland (Desperate Housewives).



Eve Myles explains how Gwen Cooper fits into the latest season:

Well, it's a year later from Children Of Earth. The consequences of Children Of Earth mean that she's had to go into hiding with her family to keep them safe, and she's wanted. You find her in a very derelict limbo, a quiet place. The complete antithesis of what Gwen Cooper is all about. A very boring world for her. A normal world for us.

She gets pulled into a crazy, unnatural worldwide phenomenon. There's two people who will always be involved in something like that, and it's Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. So, she gets pulled in, and my God, she can't wait to get pulled in. She's missed it.


She also cryptically reveals that Gwen doesn't have a choice about getting involved:

It's not a call. Absolutely not a call. Something happens and Gwen has absolutely no choice. Get on with it or be killed.


[Den of Geek; check out more from Myles at AOLTV]

Here's another trailer.

Here's a clip from episode one, followed by an interview with John Barrowman.

The tie-in webseries Torchwood: Web of Lies has begun, and Starz has posted these two videos promoting the motion comic. [Doctor Who News Page]


John Noble says that he suspects the show will end up running five years:

"When we first joined the show, [co-creator] JJ Abrams said that he thought it was a six-year show, but that's like saying you're going to climb Mount Everest. It's very hard to even [get a show] on, let alone do six years. Six [years] is a very long time. But if we don't maintain the level of our production and our stories this [fourth] year, then there won't [even] be another year."


[Digital Spy]

Elsewhere, Noble says he still has no idea what the erasure of Peter from existence will mean for the show, although he believes there will be a "reset" of sorts and that the first nine episodes will be linked together "in a sort of package." He also says he thinks Walter and Walternate will have to work together eventually, "but it won't be easy." [TV Line]


Here's an interview with Anna Torv. [Fringe Television]

Game of Thrones

6'3" actress Gwendoline Christie has been cast as Brienne, the Blue Knight. For those not in the know:

Brienne Tarth is the only daughter and heiress of Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall Hall; she had three siblings, none of which survived childhood. Larger and stronger than most men, Brienne is a skilled warrior and longs to be a knight. She has an awkward personality, but is also honest and stubborn. She holds a naïvely idealized notion of knighthood despite the insults she receives from many knights, who call her "Brienne the Beauty" to mock her ugliness. She is also known as "Brienne, the Maid of Tarth," but her most common and neutral nickname is "Brienne of Tarth," as she is both from the House and island of Tarth.



The Walking Dead

Here's a local news story about the season two filming.

And here are some set photos. [SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13

Star Eddie McClintock discusses the new season:

"This season is going to be the best of the three. I think we all kind of share that same feeling. The scripts are more fun and they're funnier. I think that they are more exciting. I think every year the writers zero in on what the show does best. The show just grows from year to year. So I think it's normal that the shows would be better this year than last year, and the year prior to that even.

"You know the guests we have this year are some amazing guest stars. Some of the great Syfy names of the past few years. So it's going to be really exciting, and what this show is, at its core, is it's a family show, so that's pretty strongly emphasized. It's just going to be a lot of fun."


He also explains what Myka's (probably temporary) departure means for Pete:

"Pete thinks of Myka as his sister. So it would be the same as if your sister just picked up and walked away and left and didn't say anything to you. So he's hurt by it. It bothers him a great deal, and I think that that's reflected in the story at the beginning of season three."


There's a ton more at the link. [Media Boulevard]

Costar Saul Rubinek also weighs in:

"Well, it's fantasy/adventure. Anything can happen and they have a lot of fun with that. Aaron is a wonderful addition to our show and it really has an interesting arc this year. One of the things that works best about the show is the way they've deepened the mythology of the warehouse, for the three thousand years, whether it's Warehouse 1 to Warehouse 13. You know there's a reason that these warehouses exist and it's a deep mythology and history to how the hierarchy of the administration of the warehouse works.

"We're really getting into how the regents operate and what their jobs are and what their own hierarchy is. It creates a really interesting danger and suspense in the show when you find out about how the regents work and who might be after them. So, that's been really interesting, and plus, Warehouse 2 and Warehouse 12 played a huge part in our last season, and so, how that mythology works on the show is one of the things that we like best about it."


[Daemon's TV]

New costar Aaron Ashmore explains how Steve Jinks joins the Warehouse, and why his stated ability to detect when someone is lying isn't some crazy superpower:

He's working at the ATF when Mrs. Frederic catches wind that he has this ability to tell when people are lying. It's very matter-of-fact. It's not some big deal where he has to really stare at you and extract the information. It's very much just conversational, when he's talking to you and looking you in the eye. You have to be looking at each other, and he can just tell. It's a very simple thing, which he doesn't particularly think is a gift. He thinks it's a bit of a curse because he can tell when everybody is lying. We know, as people, that we tell little lies all the time, and he's constantly aware of that. But, Mrs. Frederic, being the intelligent woman that she is, realizes what a great addition this ability would be to the Warehouse.


He also explained that there are some layers to Steve's character that aren't immediately apparent, and it takes the entire season to get to know what's really going on with him (which indirectly confirms that he actually is staying on for the season, as opposed to just being an elaborate fake-out for Myka's return). There's more at the link. [Collider]

Falling Skies

TNT has announced that they are reviewing the show for a second season. [multipleverses.com]


The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Here are three sneak peeks for episode five, "Girls Night Out."

Additional reporting by Mandy Curtis and Charlie Jane Anders.




Re: Torchwood spoiler. Please let it be Gwen that betrays the team. So Jack can finally put a bullet between her eyes. Seriously, of all the characters that died, she would have been the first one I would have picked. Not Ianto, Tosh and Owen. And I'm defending Owen because he grew the eff up near the end of his run. Gwen still remains a brat.