A Peek at the Next Kindle and Nook Display

Assuming the next generation Kindle and Nook stick with E Ink as their display provider, this video highlights what'll be new: Animation and nearly double the contrast ratio.


Shipping to OEMs in the second half of this year, this next generation E Ink display is undoubtedly improved. Even through YouTube compression, one can make out the better contrast.

As for the animation...it's a cute parlor trick. But other than a-ha videos, its use seems crucially limited.

Still, I hope E Ink can find a way to stick around, continue to improve and maybe one day be a technology that offers all the flexibility of LCD. Of course, by then, who knows what the average LCD will be capable of. [RedFerret via Electronista]



They should forget the marketing gimmicks like animations and focus instead on higher dot density and faster color switching/refresh speed.

And companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble need to focus on having no noticable processing time to open pdfs, smooth and fast zooming in on documents (all filetypes that the reader opens), and continuing to improve the battery life.