Inspired by the design of a traditional Japanese folding blade—the Higonokami—that hasn't changed since the 19th century, Kacper Hamilton's HIGO tools have similar minimal functionality wrapped in beautiful angular housings. It's just heartbreaking that it only exists as a prototype and isn't available for purchase.

Both the HIGO (8.52.0.E) and the HIGO (46.42.0.N) were designed for the Swiss ski company Zai to serve as handy tools when hitting the slopes. The former is a simple folding blade for tackling most mountain emergencies, while the latter features two folding screw heads for adjusting ski bindings. Each of their designs allows them to be opened, operated, and closed with one hand, while hidden magnets ensure each remains shut when not in use. But who would want to ever risk actually using them and marring their beautiful finishes?


[Kacper Hamilton via Dezeen]

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