Holy smokes did this Android projector just sell out in two days on Amazon? Pity. It'd make a sweet tool for impromptu movie screenings.

The battery-powered Tursion TS-102b Smart Pico Projector will project a 100-inch picture at reasonable brightness. It looks about the size of a fancy steak, and at under six ounces, it weighs about as much, too. The TS-102 is also a flexible little 624 Mhz machine sporting 8 GB of internal storage with a Micro SD slot expandable up to 16 GB; connections for mini USB, USB, and an optical out in case the built in speaker isn't good enough. The rechargeable battery is supposed to last 80-minutes—Good enough for two episodes of Mad Men, but not enough for Lawrence of Arabia.


Sounds great, but why the hell can't I buy it? The TS-102 was available on Amazon just two days ago, and there appears to be an older model still online now. At a reported price of $450, it's hard to believe a critical mass of MacBook wielding film students cleared the shelves. Someone get another shipment going, please! [Engadget]