A Possible Game of Thrones Comeback, A Tintin Trailer, and 2 New True Blood Characters!

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Jason Statham responds to the Transformers rumors. James Cameron drops a ton of new hints about how Avatar 2 and 3 will explore wild new settings. And will a beloved but dead character return to Game of Thrones?


All that plus Justin Timberlake explains why he did In Time, Stanley Tucci talks playing Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games, True Blood adds another pair of crazy characters to the mix, Prince Charming explains the world of Once Upon a Time, and more!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

Avatar 2 and 3

During an appearance on ABC's Nightline, James Cameron discussed in length what he's doing with the sequels:

"It's on Pandora. Well, I'm really writing the second and third films together, so it completes a kinda three film story arc. And we will see the oceans of Pandora, which we haven't seen at all and that's an ecosystem that I'm dying to start designing because it's going to look spectacular. [The sequel] narrows the spotlight instead of just nature in general or the rainforest. It focuses it a little more on ocean issues, because we have a planet that's a blue planet. From a distance, you look at it, the Earth is a lot more blue than it is, you know brown, the land mass. We're making the oceans unsurvivable for a lot of the species right now. For a lot or reasons. It's just a way to focus a little energy in that direction. And there will be other planets as well, besides Pandora. It will be a cornucopia, a treat for the eyes."

The big revelation there is that we'll be visiting more planets than just Pandora, which we hadn't heard much if anything about until now. Cameron also discussed the movie's overarching themes and ideas:

"I think it's just a continuation of the same thing. I want people to feel that same sense of excitement about that world. You know, the fictional Na'vi people and I want them to feel that excitement of discovery of a new world that they're going to see things that they haven't imagined. All that sort of the perk package of the first movie is still going to be there. And the themes will be there and be played out in a way that I think people can accept. I'm not going to become more strident. I'm not going to say, 'well, we got away with this much environmental content in the first movie, now there's double.' Because I think that would be a mistake. It has to be entertainment first and foremost."

[Nightline via ComingSoon.net]

The Hunger Games

Stanley Tucci confirms his character, tribute interviewer Caesar Flickerman, will retain the blue hair he has in the books, and in general the character stays very true to the novel's original, flamboyant characterization. [MTV]


In Time

Justin Timberlake explains why he signed on for the immortality thriller:

When I read the script, for two or three days, I couldn't stop thinking about the themes - that one being one of them - but also our obsession with looking young forever. But I think honestly, the reason I inevitably was like, "I have to play this guy," was because I hadn't had the opportunity to play a character that, at the end of the day, I hope I would be like if my back was against the wall. And I just saw this character as an everyday man who gets pushed too far and decides to fight back. And then you keep reading and it's like, "Oh, yeah, shooting guns and car chases and flipping cars around and kicking ass and kissing Amanda." You know. You're kind of like, "Yeah, OK. I'm in."


[Pop Sugar]

Transformers 4 and 5

Jason Statham pretty much denies the rumors that he's in talks for the leading role in the next two Transformers sequels, but he also makes it clear that he's not against the idea either:

"You know, I don't know how those things start. You read them. Someone told me about it. [But] the internet is a dangerous place. There's a lot of stuff out there...I've got a lot of stuff in front of me, but Michael Bay is a talented man. This last one just made a billion dollars around the world, so people like his films. He's a talented man."


[MTV Movies Blog]

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

Here's another trailer. [FirstShowing.net]

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Here's a pair of behind-the-scenes videos.

And here are some interview videos and behind-the-scenes footage recently released by Summit.


Here's a sneak peek at the October 28 episode, "Novation." [Fringe Television]

Here's an interview with Anna Torv in which she discusses Peter's return. [Fringe Television]

The Walking Dead

Here's a promo and sneak peek for the next episode, "Bloodletting."

Game of Thrones

Sean Bean hints that he might actually be back as Ned Stark, albeit only in flashback form:

"I think there is [flashbacks] in the books. There are apparently some flashbacks, and it would be great to see everybody again and be involved. They sort of got rid of me. I had my head chopped off. But if you can come back from that, you can come back from everything, can't you."


[MTV Movies Blog]

True Blood

Season five will reportedly introduce two new characters. The first is Nora, "a beautiful and intelligent 25-to-35 something who plays a double agent within the Vampire Authority" who is another of Godric's progeny, meaning she has a long history with Eric. The second is a character straight out of the Bible, albeit with some True Blood modifications. (No, not vampire Jesus - the show isn't quite that insane yet. Maybe season eight.) The character is Salome, daughter of Herodias, who on the show is "a powerful ancient vampire and a world-class seductress who's also a little mad." [EW]


The Incredible Hulk

The planned TV show will basically use the version of the Hulk seen in The Avengers, utilizing the movie's CGI modeling and design work to keep the TV budgets down. That appears to be the only actual link between the movie and television Hulks at the moment, though since the TV show focuses on the relationship between a younger Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, it's at least conceivable it could fit into the Marvel movies continuity eventually. [Ace Showbiz]


Terra Nova

Here's a promo for the October 31 episode, "Bylaw." [Terra Nova TV]


Eighties sex symbol Bo Derek will reportedly appear as herself in episode ten, an appearance that will "reveal stunning secrets, as well as a forbidden romance with one of the characters." [The Live Feed]


Once Upon a Time

Here's the description for episode three, "Snow Falls":

MARY MARGARET PAYS A VISIT TO A COMATOSE JOHN DOE IN THE HOSPITAL, AND PRINCE CHARMING UNEXPECTEDLY MEETS SNOW WHITE FOR THE FIRST TIME BACK IN THE FAIRYTALE WORLD, ON ABC'S "ONCE UPON A TIME" - At Henry's urging, Emma convinces Mary Margaret to pay a visit to a comatose John Doe in the hospital and to read to him from the storybook. But Mary Margaret is stunned at the outcome of her visit. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world, Prince Charming meets Snow White for the first time in a most unexpected way



Actor Josh Dallas discusses his character, Prince Charming, and his dual identities in the "real" and "fantasy" worlds:

In Storybrooke, he's in some peril, and in a coma. I will say that he's not in it for long, so we're going to learn a lot more about him. His story is yet to be discovered in Storybrooke.

Will we be seeing some of the Snow White and Prince Charming courtship in flashbacks?
We're going all the way back to the origins of Snow White and Prince Charming. We're going to find out how they met, where they met, what his real name is, how he got the name "Charming"... all of those things. So we're going to find out a lot of information and back story of when that epic true love first was kindled.


He also explains his past relationship with his father, Alan Dale's King George:

I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about King George, but I will say he is obviously King of the kingdom, and the kingdom is ailing. He needs some help. He goes to King Midas, and they make a deal, and King Midas says "well, if your son slays this dragon, I will take care of your kingdom. I will give you gold. I will give you riches. You will be taken care of." So he makes a deal with Midas for me to slay this dragon.


There's a bunch more at the link. [KSiteTV]


Here are two sneak peeks at this week's episode, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil."

The Vampire Diaries

Here are a pair of sneak peeks for this week's episode, "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Check out the link for some analysis and speculation. [BuddyTV]

Here are some more promo photos. [KSiteTV]

The Secret Circle

Here are some promo photos for episode eight, "Beneath." [KSiteTV]

Additional reporting by Natalie Baaklini and Charlie Jane Anders.



John Hazard

I think True Blood bringing in a Biblical character as an insane vampire is incredible. Can you imagine how mind-blowing it would be to have a religious, possibly mythological character turn up in our time? Especially one known for sexy bloodlust like Salome.