Breitling's watches have always been the perfect accessory for pilots wanting a timepiece to match their passion. But when it comes to cars and motorcycles—the most popular transportation choice of the masses—Miki Eleta's new Timeburner is a more appropriate choice. Because instead of rotating hands, it uses a pumping piston to display the time.


The Timeburner is even shaped like an engine, or at least one from a motorcycle, and as its connecting rod spins on the watch's round face, a numbered dial at the bottom, visible through a window, advances the hours. You've probably also noticed a distinct lack of a minute hand. That's been replaced by the piston itself which slides horizontally along a numbered scale to indicate the current minute.

As it travels back and forth you'll have to remember to read either the bottom set of numbers for top of the hour, or the top set of numbers for the bottom half of the hour. It seems a little counterintuitive, but a watch like this rarely prioritizes functionality over form.

When available sometime this year the Timeburner will come in three distinct styles and finishes, each limited to just 99 pieces to ensure they're always in demand. As for pricing, that's currently unknown, but Ariel Adams over at aBlogtoWatch isn't expecting the watch to be "stratospherically priced" so it might be a great choice for amateur collectors with a budget.

[Timeburner via aBlogtoWatch]


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