A Remote Control Sofabed For Your Laziest Houseguests

Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, sofabeds put two wonderful things into one even awesomer package. People like sitting, and people like sleeping—it's the perfect combo. So how could a sofabed possibly ever be improved? With an electric mechanism that automatically unfolds and retracts the mattress, with the cushions still attached.


The Lampo Motion sofabed is basically just one step below sorcery, because using an included tethered remote, with one button push you can deploy the bed or transform the whole thing back into a couch. So there's no more fighting against a pair of giant springs, and no need to find a temporary place to store the cushions. All that's missing is some kind of mechanism to make the sheets every morning and most of us would probably be happy if this was the only piece of furniture in our lives. [Milano Bedding via Home crux]



You know, the last time I had to move a sofabed, the one thing I kept thinking was, "this could really use the extra weight of some electric motors."