A Salad Spinner For Cocktails Makes Martinis Stirred, Not Shaken

Concocting the perfect cocktail can take years of practice, but everything in life has a shortcut, and for amateur mixologists it's called the Cocktail Spinner. Imagine smashing a Magic Bullet into a salad spinner at the speed of light. This is what the resulting supernova would leave behind.


Using the Cocktail Spinner is as dead simple as it seems. You add your ingredients, a little bit of ice, put the lid on, and then go to town pumping its handle up and down. A spinning paddle inside ensures your booze hits the optimal rotational speed. Could you do the same with a spoon or swizzle stick? Maybe, if you were some incredibly talented flair bartender. But for $25 the Cocktail Spinner all but guarantees perfect results that could even sway James Bond back to stirred martinis. [Quench Products]


Brent Rose

For those who could never quite master the spoon.