A Scary Good iPhone Boxing Game

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Beast Boxing 3D is in the Punch-Out!! mold of boxing games, which I can't get enough of. It stands out for a few reasons.

It oozes style. The "story" is the tried-and-true Rocky/Little Mac trope—a puny fighter pummels his way through an onslaught of wacky and progressively more difficult fighters—but the combatants are monsters. Mixed with a slick 2D/3D animation style, it simply looks better than most of the other boxing games around.


The simple game mechanics are well-worn—dodge, punch, don't get worn out or beaten into the ground—but the controls are nicely designed for a touchscreen, a straightforward palette of taps and swipes, while you tilt to dodge.

The major thing that's missing is multiplayer, but even as a solo campaign, if you're at all a fan of the Punch-Out!! genre, it's worth considering plunking down $3. [iTunes]