With spring coming late on the heels of a brutal winter, it’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner. Still, in a few short months it’ll be plenty warm enough to take your self-inflating, self-propelled paddleboard out for a spin on the water. Uh, say again?

This high tech board, whose Kickstarter campaign runs until mid-May, is the brainchild of Slovenia-based startup SipaBoards. Claiming to be the world’s very first self-inflating stand-up paddleboard (who knew?), the device includes a fully-integrated electric motor that gives the paddler up to three knots of boost. The paddle itself is a giant remote control which allows you to wirelessly switch the motor on and off. If you and your paddle fall in the water, the board immediately powers off rather than leaving you stranded forever. It actually sounds pretty clever, and it ain’t bad looking, either.

Look how much fun these two are having.

SipaBoards hopes their new device will open paddleboarding up to wary novices, by making it easier for anyone to paddle further and stay on the water longer. If you’ve always been curious about the sport, but develop a nervous twitch when you’re separated from technology for more than five minutes, this might just be the perfect opportunity to ease yourself back to nature. [SipaBoards]

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