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Everything inside your dishwasher might be sparkling and squeaky clean, but loading it with dishes and cutlery all day has probably left it a greasy mess on the outside. A disgusting downside that Miele intends to alleviate with automatic doors on its latest dishwashers—which open with a simple knock.


The feature—somewhat uninspiringly dubbed "Knock2open"—won't be fooled by other knocking sounds in your kitchen, like a knife on a cutting board or a cupboard banging. So you don't have to worry about the machine popping open by itself. And as for closing, presumably there's a button on the inside that lets the machine know it can seal itself up. Or, just stick with the tried-and-true foot lift + knee slam combo.

Since a handle is no longer necessary, Miele also took the opportunity to streamline the front panel on its new Generation 6000 machines. The design team moved all of the buttons and controls to just inside the door, leaving a set of incredibly subtle white LED indicators that provide info on the current wash cycle and remaining time.


Pricing info hasn't been officially revealed yet, but you can safely assume these are the upper-tier of dishwashers, and will probably retail for close to $3,000. Still, it beats washing dishes by hand. [Miele via Gizmag]

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