Because you don't necessarily want to put up with the droning sound of your air conditioner all summer long, a ceiling fan can be almost as effective at cooling your home by keeping air circulating. But for those rooms where the blades of a ceiling fan just won't fit, or where you think they just look downright garish, these pendant light fans from Kichler are a brilliant alternative.


Available in three different finishes to help match a given room's decor, the pendant fans are as easy to install as any overhead lighting, and only use about 45 watts of power to cool a room, not including whatever intensity of light bulb you choose to install. At around $300 they're priced similar to a standard ceiling fan, but another advantage to this option is that they can be used on ceilings with a slope of up to 30 degrees without the worry of the fan's long blades hacking away at the drywall or plaster overhead. [Kichler via The Green Head]