A Social Network Based On Your Gastrointestinal Bacteria

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MyMicrobes is a new social network that'll pair you up with people who share the same gut bacteria as you. Seriously. On the surface, its a crazy idea, but when you think about it, MyMicrobes could makes sense medically.


MyMicrobes hopes to bring together folks with the same intestinal flora so they can share digestive health questions and concerns. It would be a safe haven as there are only a handful of forums that deal with this topic.

Though intriguing, the process to join the network isn't for the faint of heart. To identify your gut bacteria, you 'll have to send in a stool sample and pay $2100 to have the bacterial DNA inside the sample sequenced for identfication. Once your in, you can start boasting about your latest bout of constipation and your favorite reading material for the commode. [Nature]

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From an evolutionary standpoint, wouldnt be it better for your potential offspring for you to be matched with someone who has differing bacteria? More diverse basteria would seemingly produce healthier children with a better chance at survival (based on my impression that gut bacteria is a good thing).