At long last, the day is here. Happy Halloween! Let's rejoice in the only way we can - by watching a man carve a pumpkin into the shape of an Astromech droid before stuffing its innards with electronics. Oh internet, you never cease to delight me.

The delightfully named OCT-31 comes from Greg Aronowitz of Barnyard FX, made as part of Geek and Sundry's Halloweek on Youtube. Not only is the build itself pretty great - especially considering OCT can be piloted around by remote control and lit up in his pumpkin dome, but I love that Greg went the whole hog with decorating the Pumpkin droid with different sweets for detailing, right down to the wafer vents and Kitkat grills. Check out the video below to see him putting the pumpkin together:

Not gonna lie, this might be the coolest pumpkin of Halloween 2014 yet.

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