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A T-Rex Is Running a Dungeons & Dragons Game on Twitter, and It's Even More Epic Than It Sounds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes, the world can feel like a scary and confusing place. There are forces beyond our control. We feel helpless and small. Then, a Tyrannosaurus Rex plays Dungeons & Dragons, and suddenly, the world makes sense again.

Sue the T-Rex, a sassy fossil from the Chicago Field Museum, has spent the past several days conducting her own game of Dungeons & Dragons on Twitter. What started out as a silly pun has since evolved into a full-scale campaign where she and her team of adventurers have fought swarms of brigands, shared scientific knowledge, and checked a hell of a lot of traps.

Using a Twitter thread, Sue the T-Rex has set up scenes and scenarios for her character, a hadrosaur “Dinosorcerer,” and then puts out a poll to figure out what exactly she should do next. Mostly, people tell her to check for traps, because they really love that for some reason. Here’s just a small sampling of the epic adventure that’s unfolding.


No word who’s running Sue the T-Rex’s D&D campaign behind the scenes (although they’re definitely a D&D fan, given their extensive knowledge), but sometimes the magic is in the mystery. I choose to believe an extinct animal is playing Dungeons & Dragons online, because that is one of the coolest sentences that humans have ever uttered.

As of Thursday, Sue the T-Rex looks to have taken a small breather from the D&D campaign, but hopefully she’ll continue her epic journey soon. In the meantime, I absolutely recommend checking out the thread in its entirety. It’s seriously been one of the highlights of my week. It’s a dinosaur, and it plays Dungeons & Dragons!


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