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A Teacher Tried To Ban Student-Brought Pencils And Pens In School

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wendy Scott, a teacher of at North Brookfield Elementary School in Massachusetts, tried to ban pencils and pens in her classroom. It's completely ridiculous because you sorta need them to do schoolwork and because it's just a freaking pencil and pen.

The crazy teacher's memo to her students' parent stated:

Students would no longer be allowed to bring writing implements to school. It said pencils would be provided for students in class and any students caught with pencils or pens after Nov. 15 would face disciplinary action for having materials "to build weapons."


I remember being pretty proud of my pencils, pens and pencil cases as a kid. I don't remember ever "building weapons" with them (but with kids these days, who knows!). All I know is that there are much more dangerous items in a classroom than a measly pencil or pen. Like, uh, staplers. And don't even get me started on paper cutters.

The Massachusetts school district is rightfully distancing itself away from this rogue teacher, saying she never got permission to enforce this ridiculous demand. I'm just wondering what the hell was going on in her head, what's the difference between pencils and pens students bring from home and the one she'd have to supply? Some people are just too damn silly. [News Blaze via Geekosystem]