It’s generally assumed that the faster the blades in a blender spin, the better it will work, right? Wrong. Over-blending fruits like strawberries can lead to crushed seeds that make a smoothie taste bitter. So Electrolux’s new tilted blender uses a less powerful motor, combined with an improved design, to actually help your food taste better.

Pulverized seeds can also make foods like smoothies and soups seem more gritty, and texture is just as important as taste when it comes to cooking. But to compensate for its smaller motor, Electrolux’s new blender features a unique design—called PowerTilt technology—where the axes of the pitcher and its chopping blades are angled by about five degrees. This makes it easier for gravity to pull ingredients down into the blender’s titanium-coated cutting blades, instead of them just spinning around inside the pitcher like a tornado. The approach results in a more consistent and finer blend, with minimal air pockets where chunks of food can be missed.


There’s another advantage to using a blender with a smaller motor: it runs a lot quieter. Electrolux claims that you’d actually need five of its new Masterpiece Collection Tabletop Blenders running at the same time to equal the noise you’d get from an average high-speed blender.

Available starting in October for around $300, Electrolux has also included a bunch of pre-programmed blending routines into its new appliance. So depending on if you’re blending fruit, crushing ice, or pureeing vegetables for soup, it will automatically cycle through various speeds to ensure the perfect results. But with three speeds and a requisite pulse function, you can jump in at any time if you think you can do better.