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A Transportable Kitchen In a Box

Illustration for article titled A Transportable Kitchen In a Box

For those of you who live in small spaces, imagine what it would be like to fold up your kitchen when its not in use. How about taking your kitchen with you when you move?


This is the idea behind Targa Italia's kitchen in a box concept. Like the Casulo before it, Targa Italia focuses on space saving and portability. When open, the kitchen features a full suite of appliances along with ample counterspace and even a pull out table. When the cooking is done, the entire system folds up neatly into a box form.


It seems like a great idea, but the box doesn't seem all that compact. So, I have to wonder whether or not the kitchen would really save a lot of space and be easy to transport in and out of doorways or up and down stairs. On the other hand, I can see something like this working as an outdoor kitchen quite easily. Put it out on a patio, then fold it up to make room for guests and/or use it as a table for food and drink. [Targa Italia via Dornob via Treehugger]

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Would work great as an outdoor kitchen if you could securely anchor it to the patio and safely lock it closed to deter kiddies and jackasses from hurting themselves!