A Truck Driver Tells What It's Really Like To Work On The Road All Year

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It’s the single most common job in over half of U.S. states, and yet many people are unclear on just what a truck driver’s job looks like from inside the cab. Here, one of them explains exactly.


In response to our question about the common misconceptions people have about your jobs, kinja-user and professional truck driver TheHopman told us what a lot of people still don’t get about life in a big rig:

I work as a truck driver doing deliveries for a HVAC supplier, so I just do day trips inside New England from my shop in New Hampshire and around metro Boston.

A few things:

1. The job is not easy. Driving a truck is not just sitting on your butt all day. I’m always loading or unloading something. Plus every two years you need to have a D.O.T. Physical done.

2. It’s like chess at 60mph. I’m always looking at what’s going on around me and trying to plan for the unexpected. It’s as much mental as it is physical.

3. It’s not always exciting. In fact, when you’re plodding along a highway at 67 mph because the computer won’t let you, at 3am it can be downright boring.

4. There’s more pressure than you might think. Everything loaded on my truck has a customer who needs it ASAP or will need it. I’m usually on a deadline to get to a scheduled dock time or need to get back to a supplier before they close, or get back to my shop to reload for the next day.

5. It’s not just a job, it is a way of life. Only truckers understand other truckers. I could be chatting with a guy who drives who I have never met before that moment and we will have an instant comradeship. We have our own language, both verbal and by signals when we drive.

6. It is truly a skilled trade that takes a lifetime to master. I’ve been driving trucks for 9 years now and I’m still learning new tips and tricks.

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