A Unique Tablet PC Review

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David Wallace is a quadriplegic and editor of LifeKludger. His review of the Acer C200 is extremely unique in that the tablet form factor isn't just a gimmick—it's a revelation.

With the visibility of UMPC, we're constantly reminded that the tablet model never took off and, unless we're missing something, we can expect UPMC to do the same. However, for David the device seems almost perfect. It offers "options"—instead of sticking him with one way to do one thing, the Acer's multiple input systems lets him draw, type, and drag items across the screen without much trouble.

If had to get a laptop tomorrow that runs windows, I'd buy this Acer, no question, on layout alone. There is no other notebook (with a keyboard) on the market that gives an alternative layout from the common big palm rest with keyboard at back' and touch-pad' design. Alternatively I'd seriously consider a Slate option with no keyboard, provided it had built-in CD.


It's so rare and refreshing to read a tablet review from someone who isn't just taking it for a spin and dismissing it out right.

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