A Wall of 250 Canon Cameras Flashing Their Lights Is a Seizure Waiting to Happen

Japan musicians Androp built a backdrop of 250 Canon cameras and programmed all their flashes to fire off in a sort of digital stop-motion screen. Watch it, though I can't guarantee the video won't blind you and give you a seizure.


They programmed the 250 Canon cameras with Arduino, openFrameworks and Flash. There wasn't any CG used in the video, what you see is exactly what happened: cameras flashing like a mother. There's a "making of" video that gives you a behind the scenes look at what they needed to do to get it prepared and Androp has a built a website that shows you the pictures the cameras took while they shot the video (nice backs guys!) and see a custom message displayed in the lights. Check that out here.

Be warned though, the music ain't for everybody. [Androp.jp via Fast Company]

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Utterly confused as to why they use cameras at all. The flash units can be triggered independently of the cameras and they seem to have gone and fiddled with them electronically anyway. Is it just less impressive/creative without the cameras?