A Watch This Awesomely Sci-Fi Could Have Only Come from the Future

What do you do when the timepieces available to you are a little blah? If you're Olivier Demangel, you skip the store, open a mental wormhole to the future, and create your own—it packs USB storage, music, Bluetooth, and oh yeah, a clock.


The Konect Watch's main draw is the built in USB drive, for those who don't want to carry theirs on a dorky lanyard or lose it in the bowels of some bag. Other features are seemingly impossibly crammed in, and the result is like some strange offspring between Tron and Star Trek. The Konect's only a prototype concept at the moment, but Olivier is hoping it'll get picked up and put into production by the similarly-wacky minds at Tokyo Flash—and really, if this watch deserves any home, it's with the chronographic madmen over there.

Also, Olivier is clearly a pretty clever guy with a sharp eye for design, but... maybe next time find someone less hairy to model the gear. Just saying. [Olivier Demangel]

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All I could think of was Dr House