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A Whole New Version of Frank Miller's Sin City Is Coming to TV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even on the big screen, Sin City has always felt episodic, with its different characters in a variety of interconnected stories, all in the same gritty noir setting. Television seems like a natural home for Frank Miller’s world and that reality just got a little bit closer.

Glen Mazzara, who ran The Walking Dead for two seasons, is one of the producers on a new iteration of Sin City currently in development by the Weinstein Company. Also attached is Len Wiseman, who directed the Underworld films and the Total Recall remake, as well as Stephen L’Heureux, who produced Robert Rodriguez’s second Sin City film, A Dame to Kill For. Their pitch is “a far departure from the films, introducing original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe,” according to Deadline, which broke the story. However, the story doesn’t mention how involved Miller will be, if at all.


The Weinstein Company has been trying to bring Sin City to the small screen since 2013. At the time, it was supposed to use the aesthetic of the films with Miller and Rodriguez’s help, but it seems that’s not happening anymore. What is happening is networks have begun to consider the show and, in the coming weeks, it should land at one of the many, many options out there.

Debuting in 1991, Miller’s unique comic book told multiple stories set in a city overrun with crime, drugs, sex, and everything else taboo. Sin City ran on and off for about nine years and was turned into a film in 2005. Though that film was successful enough to spawn a sequel, the setting and style feel like an impossibly inviting blank canvas for a TV show that could run for years and years.