A Widescreen Nintendo DS is "Purely Rumor and Speculation"

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Here's the deal. Yesterday an advertisement was floating around showing a Nintendo DS that had bigger, wider screens. They didn't look quite 16x9 as the gaming blogs were claiming, and the whole ordeal could have been a pretty quick Photoshop blunder by a third party software designer. Anyway, a lot of people ended up running the story, so I thought we should let you know about it in the remote case that a.) someone at work was talking about a widescreen DS or b.) it somehow ended up being real. Nintendo has called the device "purely rumor and speculation." I just think it's funny that the DS in the ad is out of battery. [aeropause and eurogamer via kotaku]




That's not the "out of battery" light. That's the charge light and it should be orange, not red. That alone tells us who ever made this drawing has LITTLE understanding of the device so the screens would be no different from that understanding.

However, it's still possible they made them bigger based on "information" they recieved.

Either way, if they ditch the GBA slot then they could certainly improve this device for the better. I doubt they would impliment 16:9 screens. Bigger screens with the same ratio would be belivable.

I wish they would hurry the heck up as I'm in need of a new one and I don't want to buy another DSLite. This is my fourth one (single purchase) and it's broke yet again!!! Every single unit I've had the R&L buttons stop working.