Absurdly Super-Sized Lighter Makes Playing With Fire Extra Fun and Even More Dangerous

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Our brains are hard-wired with an unhealthy fascination with fire, and humanity will probably never get to the point where we treat it with as much respect as it deserves. But that’s because playing with fire is always so much fun! And watching videos of mad inventors building super-sized, flame-throwing lighters undoubtedly scratches a primitive itch.

Starting with a standard—and totally legal—gas propane torch you can find at hardware stores around the world, YouTube’s BrainfooTV made some custom modifications with additional piping and valves that significantly upgraded its fire-breathing capabilities.

The cigarette lighters you can buy at a convenience store can generate a flame a few inches tall, but BrainfooTV’s lighter can spew fire as far as eight feet—and maybe even farther, as he’s planned additional upgrades to the hardware inside it.

It’s an impressive build, but nowhere near as impressive as this guy still having his original eyebrows intact.


[YouTube via The Awesomer]