Acabion's 750bhp GTBO Motorcycle Blazes at 340mph

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Get a load of this: the cockpit-like Acabion GTBO features a a 750bhp, turbocharged Hayabusa engine that is capable of hurling the bike down the road at 340mph with a 30 second 0-300mph acceleration time—and, amazingly, that speed is capped. If all of that wasn't eye popping enough, the bike is also fuel efficient. It can get 100mpg at 100mph and 25 at 250.

Designer Peter Maskus is releasing the Acabion to the public in extremely limited quantities, although the price is a little steep at €1.87million or around $2.7 million US. Plus, you have to wait for 3 years while the bike is built. Its probably just as well though. I mean, where would you drive it? And even if you could, the odds seem pretty high that you would end up as a stain on the road should you ever decide to open it up. More photos at Jalopnik. [Acabion via Hell for Leather via Jalopnik]