Acer Aspire One Tested with WiMax

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The WiMax Acer Aspire One hasn't even been announced yet (UPDATE: actually, it just was), but Laptop Magazine got their hands on a model and got to poke and prod it to their hearts' content. So how did browsing the web on a tiny WiMax notebook work? Pretty decently.In speed tests around Baltimore, the netbook was able to hit 6.7Mbps down and 2.8Mbps up. The New York Times started loading in 7 seconds, taking 15 seconds to fully display. And Hulu video streamed solidly after buffering for 20 seconds. But I don't think anyone is questioning whether or not WiMax works, even on low-powered netbooks. The question is whether or not people will pay $30-$40 a month to connect to the internet on what's basically a secondary computer—especially if they already pay for 3G access on a smartphone or high speed at home. Would you spend the money? To see the speed tests with your own eyes, hit the link for video of the testing. [LaptopMag]


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Sadly, the wimax speeds reported here (6.7/2mbps) is actually faster than what I get over the cable line half the time.

Places like Seoul, Korea have such a great high speed wireless network that most homes and businesses I've visited lacked wifi. People instead browsed either on their crazy futuristic phones or their tiny laptops with 3G or whatever built in.

Major US cities are way, way behind.