Acer Wants to be First with a Chrome OS Netbook

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The dual-booting Aspire One AOD250 was the first Android netbook available, and even though it hasn't been a hot seller, Acer wants to be first again with Google's Chrome OS next year.


Acer has been developing a Chrome-based netbook since mid-2009, and its Chairman, JT Wang, has told DigiTimes, he wants it to be the first netbook out there when Chrome OS is released in the second half of 2010. [DigiTimes]



Acer stole my idea! I had emailled Google last week and told them that the Chrome OS will be a failure if they dont commision netbooks that will operate its Chrome OS. The price of the said netbooks ought to be between the $300-400 range so that normal netbooks dont compete with it especially since Chrome OS is so online specific. I mentioned to them that they ought to let Dell make netbooks specifically for Chrome OS and give the netbooks a really cool name like Google Chrome Cloud Computer or GC3. Chrome OS is a hard sell but if they make relatively cheap netbooks that can operate it, it will be something that consumers will gravitate to. It might even stick around if its functionally fulfills our online needs.