ActiFry Crispens 2lbs of French Fries with 1 Spoon of Oil

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Oh, you read that headline right. The T-fal ActiFry is a healthy fryer—which you already know is a bit too good to be true but, like a late night infomercial, can't resist hearing out.

Yes, with just 1 tbsp of oil, you too can "fry" 2.2lbs of fries. And that claim seems legit, as the ActiFry uses a what looks like convection cooking (hot air blowing around) and a big stirring paddle to make potatoes crispy on all sides.

Think of it as a hot version of an ice cream maker.

Now maybe T-fal's ActiFry works, and maybe it doesn't (just glancing at their site, this method of frying doesn't fare so well for, say, chicken—at least according to their own photos that show drumsticks that look straight-up boiled). But by making frying healthy, not only are you spiting the gods, you're defeating the most pleasurable part of consuming that which has been born of grease: the looming danger of cardiac arrest. $300 [T-Fal via GadgetGrid via OhGizmo!]