Actually, Perpetual Slinky Escalator Is Humanity’s Greatest Achievement

There are some questions I have about the world’s first perpetual Slinky escalator. Will this Slinky ever stop slinking? Will the entire rickety machine collapse into a pile of repurposed Ikea particle board and dust? Is this not the world’s most mesmerizing GIF?

You’ll remember last year we alerted you to kind of a Slinky treadmill which attempted to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter. We called it “humanity’s greatest achievement.” We were wrong. The funding goal was met but it seems as if they ran into manufacturing problems and doesn’t appear that the units ever shipped. Which is why the world needs a perpetual Slinky escalator MORE THAN EVER. This is it. The culmination of human enterprise on Earth.

Here’s the detailed how-to by a lovably clumsy woodsmith, where you can see how difficult it is to achieve humanity’s greatest achievement. Hey man, no one ever said it would be easy.


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Would be cool to see one designed where the force of the slinky made the track move and it would just go forever