AddMirror: Ads in Bathroom Mirrors Are Coming

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The last bastion of privacy and repose is slowly being eroded, where first we heard about advertisements over urinals, and now enterprising ideapeople at Addirect have figured out how to hide ads behind mirrors. The company plans to roll out AddMirror around the world starting this month, which it test marketed in 300 fancy-schmancy bars and nightclubs in London.

But will people object? Addirect says no, but never mind that—most importantly, the company claims a 63% recall rate of the advertisements shown in the AddMirrors. That's a remarkable number, considering that even Super Bowl ads get just a fraction of that recall rate.


Addirect is currently setting up a media network, where local companies will actually do the work of installing these screens behind one-way mirrors, and then these adverts can be distributed on a local, regional, national or global basis. Enjoy your solitude while you can.

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