Oscar Mayer Gets Cease and Desist Over Cryptocurrency Ads Because 'Bacoin' Already Exists [UPDATED]

It’s only been a few days since Oscar Mayer launched its horrendous “Bacoin” ad campaign, and a hero has come along in an attempt to kill it for good. Kirk Steele started a cryptocurrency called “Bacoin” a few years ago, and now he wants Oscar Mayer to cease-and-desist in conducting this viral travesty of a promotion.

Facebook Reportedly Wants to Use AI to Predict Your 'Future Behavior'—So Advertisers Can Change It 

Among the unanswered questions at Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings this week, the CEO was a bit stumped when asked if he would be willing to change Facebook’s business model in order to protect users’ privacy. Facebook’s data collection has received a lot of attention from a security perspective, but a new…


Instagram Is Trying to Get More 'Influencers' to Disclose Their Obvious Product Plugs Are Sponsored

Facebook subsidiary Instagram, the Twitter for people who only want to tweet about how hot and rich they are, has long been overrun with paid product endorsements from both genuine celebrities and nebulously influential “influencers”—and so many of them have openly flaunted Federal Trade Commission rules requiring…