I love words. I love them on their own, and also in my music. But when I listen to Adebisi Shank, that all goes away. I never want to hear words again. Just a badass guitar riff over and over forever.

"Genki Shank" off Adebisi Shank's This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank is one of my favorite instrumental jams of all time. Caffeine for your ears. And now Thunder is right up there with it. Featuring the a freaking righteous guitar hook that works in perfect counterpoint with a skillfully-sparse-but-still-catchy-as-hell guitar part, Thunder packs a punch that will keep you banging your head like you mean it.


I dug up Thunder when I heard that Adebisi Shank has announced its third album—This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank—is coming this summer, thinking this was the lead single. Turns out it's actually older than that but still such a great listen I couldn't help but share. The actual lead single—"Big Unit"—doesn't hit me right in the pleasure centers in quite the same way Thunder does, but I'm still really pumped for the new album, and you should be too. That is, if you like things that are awesome. [Bandcamp]

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