Adorable Tiny Printer Creates Receipt-Sized Newspapers

Bridging the gap between your smartphone and the morning paper, the Little Printer creates tiny digests culled from news sources, social networks, and other subscriptions giving you something physical to read on your commute to work.


With a smiling face that gets printed at the end of every strip, Berg's Little Printer is almost too cute for its own good, but I'm sure that will be a big part of its appeal. It uses a roll of thermal receipt paper so there's no ink to replace, and since Berg is a design agency, the miniature newspapers it spits out are a graphical treat. What exactly is included in your personal digest is configured via an app—like news, Foursquare reports, daily Sudoku puzzles—and are delivered at the push of a button, or on a preset schedule.

It can also be used to spit out quick messages, like a miniature fax machine, or for printing physical copies of to-do or grocery lists. The Little Printer won't be available until 2012 when it initially launches as a beta product, turning early adopters into testers, but until that time Berg is looking to beef up the number of content providers available when it launches. And I'm sure they'll also create a couple of more cute face options too. [Little Printer via Coudal]

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LOVE IT! So is it wireless or bluetooth? Battery powered for ease of portability?