We couldn't possibly feed the Gadget hungry without the help of Nokia, Slingbox, BMW, Best Buy, Microsoft Windows Server, Sprint, Maxell, Ask.com, SCI FI Channel, HP, Sony, Dice, and Texas Instruments. Thanks for the lunch money, broskis. You too can be cool enough to help feed malnourished geeks, for only the cost of one of those little square ads in the back of a glossy. To make a difference, all it takes is an Ad on Gizmodo.

On to the Shwag! You, kind sir, may have already won a free iPod Shuffle. To claim your (maybe) prize, please take 3 seconds to fill out this 4 button survey to put yourself in the semi finals. Last week, only a few of you stopped reading long enough to enter, so your odds of free shuffling are higher than you'd think. Ready....go!


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