Aiaiai Swirl Earbuds Are The Anti-iPod Headphones

Multiple colors? Check. Good sound quality? Supposedly. These Aiaiai Swirl headphones aren't the ubiquitous iPod earbuds worn by every other person on earth (myself included). Aiaiai, the 200-member collective from Copenhagen, designed these in conjunction with Kilo design, offering straightforward headphones, as well as a headset for cellphones.


Aiaiai wanted to focus on sound quality as much as design, offering a sound isolation and full spectrum sound engineered by C4 Studios. Topped off with multiple colorways and slick packaging, the Swirl earbuds look like winners. The headphones are available for $65 at Digitalflix and the headset cost $81 at Aiaiai. [Aiaiai via CoolHunter]

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