Air.0 - The origami inspired foldable mouse for today’s mobile lifestyle

On a full charge, the Air.0 is claimed to run for about three months before needing a top-up by simply attaching a USB-C cable. But if you find it unexpectedly dies while you’re racing toward a deadline, a quick one minute charge offers an additional three hours of use in an emergency.


If you prefer the feel and functionality of a mouse, but often leave one behind when traveling to avoid the bulk, the Air.0 genuinely seems like a clever alternative, but to get your hands on one you’ll have to be willing to take on some of the risk of a crowdfunded product as its creators are trying to bring it to consumers through a Kickstarter campaign. A $49 contribution will get you one in your choice of 12 different colors with delivery expected as early as March of next year, but that’s assuming everything goes well and there’s no unexpected production delays.

Since Kickstarter’s inception there have been thousands of reasons to be skeptical about backing crowdfunded products; lots and lots of people have spent lots and lots of money and gotten nothing in return. The risk is even greater during an ongoing pandemic when supply chains have been thrown into chaos, so backer beware!