Airbox CM3 Turns Your Car Into a 100MPH Hotspot

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The new Airbox CM3 mobile router allows devices like PDAs, laptops, and gaming consoles to be simultaneously connected to the internet in a moving vehicle via Wi-Fi or one of two Ethernet jacks —no additional software or PCMCIA cards required. When connected to a 3G digital cellular telephone network (generally EV-DO), speeds average out at 400-800 Kbps with bursts up to 2.4 Mbps. When no 3G signals are available, the Airbox will switch to 2G and average speeds of 120 Kbps. According to product tests, the wireless range extends up to 300 feet and the connection has proven reliable —even when traveling at 100 mph.


As you might have guessed, the Airbox is powered by a car cigarette lighter, but what is really interesting is the compact size. The weight is comparable to a paperback book, and the dimensions are small enough to place it under a car seat. You can even take it indoors and connect it to a standard electrical socket for home use. Available for a whopping $499 (cellular data plan required.) [WAAV via Gizmag]

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jesus i may have to get one of these - for my fucking HOUSE. Thats right. No Cable, Phone lines are too crappy and old for ISDN, too far for DSL, Sat uplink possible, but then no sat TV when linked, that old 12 footer sucks anyways, can't get Dish or Direct TV, just had a guy up trying to sight us in for a 900mhz tower across the valley to no avail... This looks like the only convenient way to do it, since verizon gets full bars up there... compared to the other wireless stuff, this is just as good, and i can take it with me when i move.